Who We Are

Assi Le Assime: The Togo Development Partnership is FOCUSED ON:

  • Growing food through drip irrigation for crops and on poultry production
  • Clean water by manufacturing water filters
  • Health through malaria control with mosquito canopies

We create jobs by creating small enterprises that make mosquito canopies and water filters to alleviate poverty and PROVIDE EDUCATION to help small enterprises meet local market needs.


Elizabeth MacDonald is an award-winning, veteran business journalist, author, and the stocks editor for Fox Business and Fox News (where she is fondly referred to as “Emac”). MacDonald also covered the markets, corporate accounting scandals, taxes and the IRS for the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine, where she created Forbes’ top-rated annual ranking, The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women, widely read around the world. MacDonald, is a founding panelist on Fox News’ Forbes on Fox, and appears on Your World With Neil Cavuto, Outnumbered, and Happening Now.
MacDonald is the author of the critically acclaimed historical novel Skirting Heresy: The Life and Times of Margery Kempe (Franciscan Media, June 2014). Kirkus Reviews praised it as a “well-written, elegant, clear, and engaging” work and Bloomberg News arts and culture editor said the book is “a work of scholarship and the imagination.” RealClearMarkets stated the novel is an “engrossing, fascinating book, an important revival of a timeless life story,” and Academia.edu said it is “a highly recommended, fascinating narrative, MacDonald’s writing style is crisp and draws the reader deeper into the narrative experience‚Ķ.


Meet Claude Tsigbe– our master potter! He’s in charge of our operation in Togo. He grinds the clay and expertly mixes it with sawdust, molds the filters and fires them in the kiln at 900 degrees F. He supervises the workers who test each filter to make sure it meets our specifications. When we’re fully up and running, we’ll produce 300 filters a week— just think how many folks will have clean water in Togo! Donate today!